Fall 21


Welcome to the virtual showroom

Reinvent, reframe, recreate. Exploring the beauty of reflection, Aje looks to its heritage and rich archive to pave the way for the possibility of tomorrow. Delving into the fantastical silhouettes of the past, find deconstruction and reconstruction, adornment and frivolity of a favourite kind. A place of endless possibility, confined by no boundaries, acquaint yourself with ‘Reminagination’ Fall 21.

Referencing the possibility of remimagination, Founders and Designers, Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris, found this concept as evident in nature as in humans. Enthralled most by the intriguing existence of the elusive Bowerbird, find this Australian native species at the heart of the collection and philosophy.

An eternal optimist, nobody approaches reminagination quite like the male Bowerbird. In an act of courtship, he is known to search high and low for the perfect adornments, reinterpreting often colourful items such as shells, leaves, flowers, feathers, stones and berries as highly intricate decoration for his Bower.

In this notion, find notes of unexpected embellishment, mismatched buttons, and patchwork denim intertwined with a vibrant palette of yellows and pinks, blues and greens. Techniques such as dip dyed tulle, raw edged detailing and dramatic pleating continue to add to this elaborate show of optimistic reimagination.

As people reinvent themselves within the world, Aje, like the male Bowerbird, has an innate desire to emerge brighter and more beautifully adorned than ever, to attract life and see the world like an optimistic bird creating his best chance at love. As such, find each piece carefully crafted as a gift to the wearer, with elements of old and new, unique and special, designed to be treasured for a lifetime. A gift from Aje to the male and female bowers of the world.

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