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Creative Collective | In Conversation with Our Aje Co-Founders on Resort 22 Runway

Co-Founders and Creative Directors Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris reflect on ‘Scent of Summer’ as the designers showcase their Resort 22 runway in Sydney on Tuesday 11th, May 2021.


How did the first ideas flourish for the concept of the Resort 22 runway show ’Scent of Summer'?


As many Aje brand loyalists have come to learn, the creative process of unearthing a narrative each season always speaks to us. We love to explore a new creative journey each time. Embracing a sense of nostalgia, looking to the carefree and hedonistic days of the 60s as a grounding essence to the collection, music by Serge Gainsbourg and films of the era including La Piscine and Bonjour Tristesse provided spurs of inspiration. We also leaned into everything that conjured this sentiment of ‘summer’ – from scent, sound, touch and the travelling eye.

Aje has revered to a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and an innovative consideration for key silhouettes in ’Scent of Summer’. What journey did you envision for the Aje Insider to experience when watching the runway show?

As an ode to escapism; the runway collection is designed to invite you to pause, take a breath and totally step into the feeling of summer. The collection itself is a wonderfully dynamic fusion of colour, hand-painted prints, tactile fabrications and of course, high-octane volume. We considered all design elements from the clothing, to shoes, bags and accessories down the runway– as well as who we partnered with on design collaborations, through Local Supply eyewear, to Helen Kaminski on raffia hat wear and Superga on the classic tennis shoe, as part of the collective presentation.

The integrity of attention to detail is palpable – from when you listen to the music of the runway show to the set. How did these elements infer the cherished notes of the summer season that could not be captured in any other way? Talk us through the process of curating for a runway show.


We enlisted the artistic talent of Grandiflora, to create odoriferous moments, to create a bespoke hidden gem within the Royal Botanic Gardens which would affect the senses. Founder, Saskia Havekes ushered in moss mounds and trees to the environment adding layers upon layers. Musically speaking, we wanted to take the listener on a journey of sound, from French jazz to Mediterranean notes one would hear during an endless summer. Sydney DJ Mike Kon crafted that duality.

Interactions between the jewellery and accessories in Resort 22 is elevated in vibrant tones and an intimate recognition for personal style. How did you ensure there was an ideal balance in styling timeless pieces and showcasing the future of Aje fashion on the runway?

Aje Adorn, Aje’s signature jewellery collection is artisanal in feel and form, whilst purposeful in its imperfection. Each season we are inspired by the contrast and complexities of the modern woman and aim to create sentimental pieces to be worn without occasion. For Resort 22, pairing our own in-house collection of Aje Adorn, alongside the timeless elegance of Swiss timepiece brand, Longines, felt like we were able to offer an elevated and effortless way to interpret jewellery of all kinds, into the season.


An appreciation for nature can be seen in the show location of the Calyx in the Botanical Gardens. Describe why it was so important to embrace the in-person interaction between humanity and the surrounding environment for the show guests?


As individuals, we are so drawn to Australia’s awe-inspiring landscape and surrounds. Both growing up on the Sunshine Coast, it’s impossible not to want to be near sea or nature. Speaking to our origins, and those qualities which informed the brand’s DNA, comes through to finding the perfect location to represent the Resort 22 collection and ‘Scent of Summer’. To truly surprise guests, we wanted to ‘transport’ each individual to our vision of summer being anywhere, summer as a metaphor.

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