Find your style with Aje’s designer pants collection, spanning tailored trousers, denim classics, chic culottes, cosy knit pants and much more. Our pants offer a variety of cuts and fits, from high-waisted pants to flared legs and sleek straight fits. The range includes split ankle hems, statement metal hardware, kick flare silhouettes, laced panels, ruching, pleats, and other distinctive design elements that will set you apart from the crowd.

Crafted from premium materials, including vegan leather, cotton, and denim, our pants promise comfort, flexibility, and durability with every wear. When it comes to styling, there is a pant to suit every mood. Pair high-waisted wide-leg pants with a classic tee for timeless appeal, or opt for vegan leather pants that make a bold statement.

Complete your look by exploring versatile footwear options. Whether you prefer heels for a polished look, sneakers for a casual vibe, or boots for a rugged feel, there is an Aje pant to match. Plus, our pants can be mixed and matched with our tops, knitwear and jumpers to create a seamless capsule wardrobe.

Whether you're going back to basics to find pants staples or if you're on the search for a show-stopping pant, you’ll find your perfect pair at Aje.