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Creative Collective | Interior Designer and Stylist Claire Delmar

Existing in a creative world from a young age, meet our latest Aje Insider, Sydney based Interior Designer and Stylist, Claire Delmar. With a vibrant multidisciplinary background working across all facets of fashion, interiors and food, she inspires through her timeless approach and artful eye, focusing on visual foundations that favour longevity time after time. Now the Director of her own firm, STUDIO CD, she focuses on residential and commercial interior design projects, styling for architects and interior designers alike.


Captured within the self styled setting of Double Bay's Ondene, Delmar harnesses the spirit of Modernist Summer 21 muse, Charlotte Perriand, with the adoption of simple lines, juxtaposition of shape and material and experimentation with form. Photographed by Corrie Bond, discover the world of Claire Delmar here and now.

Fluid lines meet geometric shapes in an embrace of Modernist principles

With a varied background across numerous creative disciplines, tell us about your career and how this has evolved over time.


From a young age a love of textiles and art was nurtured by my mother and grandmother so I knew I wanted a career that tapped into these passions.


My Bachelor of Media degree led serendipitously to publishing where I landed roles in the fashion industry as a fashion stylist and after five years that evolved into interiors. I spent many years as interior editor of different publications both locally and internationally before deciding to step out on my own as a freelancer.


As a consequence I set up STUDIO CD in 2008 of which I am the Director, and we focus on residential and commercial interior design, styling for architects and interior designers, design store concepts/window merchandising & advertising campaigns with our main focus being on high end editorial interior and food magazines.

Working across a curated mix of both interior and fashion related projects, how have you found the two talking to each other and informing your overarching vision?


It's paramount to understand the personality of the client behind the space that you are transforming to create an environment that works for them and for you to create a home that is functional and pleasing in which to live. To do this you need to be able to familiarise yourself with the client, to know their hopes and dreams and to see their connection with both design and fashion and appreciate that their personal style is often reflected through fashion, so the link is very important. I feel fortunate to have worked across both fields as the end result comes down to editing and having an eye for design across both entities.

An artful balance of shape and texture

You cite your upbringing as a significant influence on your aesthetic, how has this shaped your visual language today?


Yes, having a very interested, articulate and stylish mother trained my eye from a very young age. It was also the cultural experiences I was privy to. Art galleries, fashion shows, and international travel that fuelled my aesthetic and this was nurtured by my parents. I’m not sure it shaped my personal visual language but it supported, encouraged and enabled me to have space to be creative as my place in the artistic world was accepted and endorsed.



Your work is characterised by a beautiful juxtaposition of texture, material and shape, what is your approach to the interpretation of a space?


The interpretation of space comes down to the skill of the interpreter just as the translation of a novel from a foreign language to English can make or break its success. That’s why I love the field of interiors as my approach isn’t so much trend focused but instead it's wanting to make a space or environment feel a certain way and this is created by those layers of texture, material and shape and this can be in many different forms making it exciting, forever challenging and rewarding. There are no set guidelines but the ability to visualise helps shape the interpretation of space and consequently influences the end result.

A tonal approach to artful styling

Styling Double Bay’s Ondene for this Modernist inspired shoot, how did the collection’s central muse Charlotte Perriand inform your vision?


I’ve always admired Perriand. When Aje approached me to do this shoot I instantly knew I wanted to involve Ondene as Perriand’s beautifully executed experimentation with form aligns itself with Ondene.


Perriand appreciated the real beauty in simple lines. Her use of shapes and materials resonated with me and her focus on design and functionality without overdoing it but rather paring it back was evident as Ondene too has successfully encapsulated this beauty. I also felt an affiliation with Perriand’s ethos around 'art of living'. Experimenting with form was very popular during the Modernist time so we focused on this throughout the shoot with the curved sofas, pared back elements , calm, 'less is more' feel with a nod to some architectural lines.

Timeless in approach, how do you create interior spaces that transcend trends and stand the test of time?


I focus on historic design knowledge, not following trends because if you build the right visual foundation it always stands the test of time as it acts as a blank canvas to then move with the times and allows you to evolve as you too grow within the space.


Sourcing constantly for varying projects, can you share a selection of your favourite haunts here in Sydney?


Obviously Ondene is on my weekly run list! There is a gorgeous french shop in Mosman - Monmartre Store. Beautiful linens, ceramics and special pieces that Virginie has sourced in France she has an amazing eye Polite Society for cushions. Scene In Sydney a new little haunt. Studio ALM has some great quirky pieces if you have a passion for design. Japanese ceramics at The DEA store, Walter Auer sculptures. The furniture of Architect Daniel Boddam, he has an elegant understanding of beauty and form. I often mix vintage pieces so online is a good sourcing ground. I would have to say it’s often more the owners and artists I’m drawn to.


With a myriad of upcoming endeavours, is there anything exciting on the horizon you can share with us?


Working in a creative space enables me to continuously be led down different, yet to be discovered, pathways. ( A little like Alice in Wonderland down the Rabbit Hole!) Through experience I have learned and evolved but I feel the most important aspect is relationships and the nurturing of sharing ideas and having the gift of working with fresh young evolving talent.


This year I’m planning to grow the business and focus more on collaborations and partnering with like-minded creatives, a little like Perriand used to do with Le Corbusier. It’s a very exciting challenge!

Aje Insider : Claire Delmar

Photographer : Corrie Bond @ Vivien's Creative

Beauty : Aimie Fiebig @ Vivien’s Creative

Location : Ondene Double Bay


Captured in Sydney, Australia

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