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Celebrate today – love forever.
The Aje Report speaks to long-time friends, collaborators and leaders about what makes family, family.
Capturing multiple generations wearing Pre-Fall 24 ‘Linea’, keep reading for our conversation.


Nadia Fairfax Wayne & Sharon Fairfax

What does ‘In The Family’ mean to you?
Nadia: It can mean lots of things. I obviously have my beautiful family who I love, but I am also in the Aje family. Family can be friendship, family can be a pet, family can be anything. It’s what you make of it.

Sharon: We can be ourselves, good or bad and it is all good.

What is your favourite thing about each other?
Sharon: Her spontaneity, fun spirit and joyful laugh.
Nadia: My favourite thing about Mum is her ability to have fun in every situation, she’s very much a glass-half-full kind of woman.

Michelle Norris, Frankie & Bree Prince

How would you describe one another?
Michelle: I would describe Frankie as confident and vivacious. Smart, caring, funny and cute! She’s very cute!
Bree: Michelle is kind, caring and loving.
Frankie: And hilarious.
Bree: She’s hilarious.
Michelle: Bree is clever, caring and funny.

Michelle wears the Reframe Oversized Logo Shirt and Reframe Logo Pant

Bree wears the Colorado Denim Mini Dress

Frankie wears the Enra Linen Pyjama Set

"Family can be friendship, family can be a pet, family can be anything. It's what you make of it."

Beth, Leo & Hugo Glancey

What’s your favourite memory of being a mother?


Beth: My favourite memory is tickling Hugo, and tickling Leo. Actually, I know, when we go down to Poppy’s house and go fishing on the boat.
What is your favourite Mother’s Day tradition?
Hugo: Waking up and making her pancakes.
Beth: So we have a tradition where the boys wake up early and they bring me a coffee in bed, make me pancakes and set the table with flowers.
Beth: What’s your favourite thing to have on pancakes?
Leo: Banana.


How do you balance being a mum?


Beth: The biggest challenge to balancing full-time motherhood is to keep your mental well-being in check. My husband and I do our best to share our mornings and go to Pilates and practice meditation. It also really does take a village. I’m really lucky to have my mum, our nanny, daycare and school – and really, we just take it day by day.


What is your favourite thing about each other?


Beth: My favourite thing about Hugo is that we call him Mr. Cool – it’s his big personality, humour and cheekiness. And my favourite thing about Leo is how big his heart is and how much he loves.

 Mother’s Day 2024 – in collaboration with:


Aje Family


Nadia Fairfax Wayne, Sharon Fairfax & Cordelia Constance Wayne


Aje Family


Natalia & Shannan Binks


Founder Adrian Norris' Family


Michelle Norris, Frankie & Bree Prince


Aje Chief Operating Officer


Beth, Hugo & Leo Glancy

Shannan wears the Catalyst Pleated Midi Dress, Natalia wears the Mariel Trapeze Midi Dress 

Natalia wears the Arista Tulip Sleeve Mini Dress

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