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Charlotte Perriand

‘Everything changes so quickly, and what is state of the art one moment won’t be the next. Adaptation has to be ongoing – we have to know and accept this. These are transient times.’ Charlotte Perriand


A pioneer in the world of architecture and interior design, the trailblazer series continues with our ode to the visionary Charlotte Perriand. Born in Paris in 1903, she was a vivacious feminist from the start. Paving her way through the male dominated era, she achieved early success with progressive thought and incredible focus.


Best known for her work under Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeannneret, she is responsible for some of the most renowned modernist pieces of the 20th century. Originally overlooked for her gender, she was hired on the spot after Corbusier saw her self designed work entitled 'Bar sous le toit' at Salon d'Automne.


With an innate appreciation, her genius comes from the marriage between art and design. A kindred spirit to the Aje woman, join us in celebrating the force du jour, the one and only Perriand.

‘The extension of the art of dwelling is the art of living.’

Charlotte Perriand

Captured in the Alps during the 1920s

Captured reclining on the B306 chaise lounge she designed with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, 1928

‘I think the reason Le Corbusier took me on was because he thought I could carry through ideas. I was familiar with current technology, I knew how to use it, and what is more, I had ideas about the uses it could be put to.’

Charlotte Perriand, 1984

Captured in her studio, 1991

La Maison de la Tunisia, designed by Charlotte Perriand

‘The Profession of Architecture is work in the service of humanity.’

Charlotte Perriand, 1936

Captured in Japan, 1954

Captured in her studio, 1954

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