Dawn of the new. With a nod to one of Australia’s most prolific indigenous artists, join us for the journey as we launch a collection close to home. ‘Awelye’ Resort 17/18, welcome.


With special thanks to Fred and Jade Torres in collaboration with Pwerle Gallery.

This season, design duo Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris, collaborate with Pwerle Gallery to present the Awelye Resort 17/18 collection, giving new life to the artwork of iconic indigenous artist Minnie Pwerle in a celebration of indigenous Australian art. Awelye, the Anmatyerre tribal word for women’s ceremonies, is a coming together of the body, the land, and the community through ritualistic dance.

Transposing selected works into Aje silhouettes, fabrications and techniques, this collection endeavours to communicate a message of women’s strength, femininity and a shared love of the Australian landscape in all its richness and diversity.

Photographer : Hannah Scott-Stevenson @ ArtBoxBlack
Styling : Bridie Gilbert
Hair and Make Up Artist : Isabella Schimid

Model: Jeet Pavlovic @ Priscillas

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