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How To Make The Weekend Feel Like a Weekend

The Aje how to guide, we take you on our at home journey of how to make the weekend feel like a weekend. BYO smile and party mindset.

1. Sleep in, you deserve it

2. Pants are always optional, as fashioned by Aje Insider Yan Yan Chan

3. Get in a good stretch

4. Put your phone down and clear your head

5. Find a quiet place to go for a walk, heels et al

6. Soak up the sun and get some immune defending Vitamin D

7. Take up a pastime you've always put off, à la painting like Aje Insider Gabrielle Penfold

8. Blast your favourite tune of the moment and dance like you mean it, taking your cue from Aje Insider and Principal Artist Ako Kondo

9. Put on your favourite dress and zoom your friends for the ultimate house party without having to leave your house

10. Keep smiling, because no feeling is permanent

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